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Local Children's
Book by

Katlin Davis & Kelle Smith

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Top 100 best-selling author on Amazon

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"A great choice for toddler or child story time reading."

"Children will eagerly know the importance on how to handle social situations with kindness."

"Teaches children positive behavior and self-control."


"He told Kylan the Lion, he had a choice. To use soft words, and smaller voice".


About the author

Katlin lives in the grassy plains of central Illinois, with her husband and two children.

This is Katlin's second published children's book. Her first children's book, made Amazon's top seller list, titled "Bossy Flossy". Katlin holds a master degree in fine arts, while running a small portrait studio in her hometown.

She continues to grow in her craft and recently won a platinum medal for her outstanding photography works. She is internationally recognized for her photography, and hopes one day to be internationally recognized for her lovable children's book characters, inspired by her two kids.

When she is not working on her photography, or writing, you can catch Katlin baking in the kitchen.

For more information on the author and her next book please contact:

About the Illustrator

Ashton Dukeman was born in 1990 and raised on 41 acres of pristine countryside in the small village of Tower Hill, Illinois. Her love for nature and art began at a young age and has continued to grow over the years.

She first went to college to get her A.A. in Graphic Arts with the plan of going on to receive her B.A. in Animation. She took a hiatus from her schooling to raise her two children, and decided to return after they began attending school.

At the age of 28 she decided to return to her schooling, this time to pursue an A.S. in Earth Science, driven by her love of nature. All the while continuing her love of art in her spare time. Her typical style being black and white pen and ink illustration, she soon became drawn into the world of children's book illustration. It was something she admired from afar, until the opportunity to try her hand in it presented itself in 2021 from a close and dear friend. Her first work as a children's book illustrator began with the book, Bossy Flossy, written by Katlin and Brad Davis. This is the book that inspired her to continue to expand her knowledge of the world of children's literature and the beautiful  color art styles associated with it.

Book Signing

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